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Sauna Sweat Vest



This Sauna Sweat Vest is a revolutionary apparel giving you a superhero figure perfect for all occasions. It easily helps you get into shape with simple wearing instructions and use.

Additionally, this can be worn under a shirt or long sleeve top! Great for targeting problem areas such as stomach, chest, back and sides.

Ensures that any body rolls, love handles, and excess skin is compressed and, the visibility of these areas is significantly reduced! Get your fixed now!

  • Highly-elastic fibre which ensures men suit shirt won’t hurt your skin partially during running, jogging, hiking, offering excellent comfort and full range of movement, extremely breathable, heat absorbing and sweat releasing;
  • Specifically designed to reduce the appearance of Gynecomastia;
  • Helps to hide “man boobs” and greatly deals with “beer belly”.
  • Breathable for improving blood circulation and fat burning;
  • Can be paired while working out to achieve that ideal chest shape:
  • Made with high quality polyester that perfectly snug fit your body;
  • Provides an immediate slimming effect while wearing it underneath your clothing;
  • Uses a heat-trapping neoprene fabric to boost your natural body heat and stimulate sweating with any type of physical activity;
  • Helps to loose skin in a tight firm place which helps you get rid of unwanted fat rolls, lumps and muffin tops without causing any discomfort, and in flattening your chest and abdomen; and
  • Also helps your posture for back and abs as you workout.

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Materials — Neoprene
Colour — White, Black, Blue
Purpose — Body Slimming
Size — *Please See Below

Package Includes: 1 x Sauna Sweat Vest


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